Can fish survive in a chlorinated swimming pool?

fish in a chlorinated pool

Some of the swimming pool owners come up with insane ideas such as stocking a fish in the swimming pool. We all at one of time think that if fishes can live in the pool? If you are also wondering about the same question, then read along to seek the right answer to it. However, allowing fishes in a swimming pool is a very bad idea. There are a number of reasons for this and those are explained the subsequent paragraphs. If you want to decorate your swimming pool and convert it into a pond for fishes and other water animals, it is not the right choice for the fishes.

The swimming pool is safe for humans but it is just the opposite for fishes. You might like to spend hours swimming and playing in the pools but it is somewhat different when you talk about fishes. Pools are toxic for fishes and especially because of chlorine that is present in the water. This is safety ingredient for pools to keep it clean, but this is the same ingredient that makes swimming pool a difficult place for fishes to survive. Chlorine has the power to kill fishes after minutes of addition into the pool. Ocean water does not contain external chlorine and the only salt is fine for them to live.

There might be another question rising at this point of time that how can humans and fish swim in the same ocean water? This is because the ecosystem of the marine life is much larger than your back yard. Oceans do not contain harsh chemicals like the swimming pool. This is the reason why both can survive in the ocean water.

The experts of the sweet water pool spa says if you have the wish to swim with fishes then make sure you do scuba diving or snorkelling. It is harmful to introduce fish to the swimming pool because of reasons like chlorine is not suitable for fish and moreover, if fishes die in the pool then the entire pool water will be contaminated. You will fall in another trouble as you have to later clean or change the entire pool water and fill it with fresh water. Please do not accomplish the wish of putting the fish in the backyard swimming pool as it might be fatal of the pool’s health as well the fish.

In case, you want to enjoy having fish at home, then you can use artificial fish toys instead of the real ones. Do not add fishes within the pool because it is cruel to kill the fish and it is a complete waste of useful resources. On the other hand, you can buy an aquarium and have fishes of your choice. It is safe for them as well it will enhance the look of the room. 

However, as per the fishing experts, the bottom line is that never allow fishes in chlorinated swimming pools as they cannot survive and will be dead within minutes. Swimming pools are not synonyms to fish so please refrain from this idea in future.


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