Top 10 High Tech Features of Swimming Pools & Spa

Swimming pool designs

Swimming pools and Spas are the places where people go for relaxing and enjoying the soothing atmosphere. Nowadays, it is a trend to make the swimming pools and spas more beautiful and attracting for improving the guest’s experience.

Here are some steps by the MyPoolVacuum experts which you can consider to improve the appearance of your swimming pool.

LED Lightning

The beauty of the swimming pools can be intensified with colorful LEDs lights. LEDs come with some extraordinary features which include brightness, operating life spans, and energy efficiency. Due to these notable features, LEDs are mostly used in decorating the swimming pool, spa, and other water features. Adding features to your swimming pool brings vibrant color to your pool, spa, and water features.


Nowadays, maximum pool owners prefer stone and glass tiles for constructing their swimming pools. Glass tiles possess the quality of reflection against the water which makes the pool more attractive and catchy. Glass tiles are available in different colors and design which gives a spa-like feeling to you when you are in the swimming pool.

Infinity Edge

Infinity swimming pool and spas are getting more popular these days. It provides a home look vision to your swimming pool. It gives your pool a sleek space and a modern feel.

Water Features

Water features also play a crucial role in making the swimming pool more gorgeous and beautiful. The sound of flowing water or running water gives your ears a soothing sound and gives you a feel of the relaxed atmosphere and also provides you with peace.

Splash Desks

It is a basically shallow area in the swimming pool which is perfect for your kids. And also if you are not in the mood of wading into the water fully, then, in that case, this space is perfect for you to enjoy the beauty of the swimming pool.

Time and Water-saving Antimicrobial Filters

Nowadays the filter of the swimming pool comes with anti-microbial protection which does not need regular cleaning. Also, it maintains the water quality of the water in the swimming pool. Furthermore, it prevents the growth of pathogens in the pool.

An Ultra Pampering Spa Experience

To increase your relaxation and activity, the spa should have adjustable lightning, a wireless music system where you can play your favorite music. Also, having an LCD TV where you can watch your favorite show while having the massage is a benefit from the user’s perspective. These features make your spa an all-rounder for activities.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

You can install a hybrid heat pump in your spa; it keeps the water cool in hydrotherapy spas and spa pools. It makes your spa more relaxing.

Leveraging Staff Facing Applications to Increase Efficiency

Nowadays spa staffs use Skype for discrete messaging. This type of technology makes it easier for guests to complete their important registration paperwork.

Apps and Guest facing technology

Most of the spas are adopting this technology for improving the guest experience. By using this app, anyone can book spas in real time and they are also able to know the prices and packages.

Note: No matte how big and luxuries swimming pool you have, but if it is not fully maintained, then it won’t be able to look good. Hence it is important to make sure to keep it clean and well maintained. There a lot of companies who provides best pool vacuum, leaf bagger, skimmer nets for your pool cleanliness.


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